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Getting AADHAR/UID Card can be India's first multi-service smart card. Because of these cards, your life will be easy and Government. can control and monitor corruption. It can be your PAN card, voter card (optional), driver's license, credit cards, ration cards, work, debit card. can be part of another institution and Medicare. There is another benefit of financial institutions offering loans are now in negative areas, but the UAID, may make loans in negative territory since the bank can easily obtain information on bad payers and ordinary people will actually enjoy UID.

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Adhar Card: Carry your identification anywhere, anytime, anyhow

Already very popular in European countries and the U.S., Smart Cards have made their way into India as well. Characterized by the use of a microprocessor, which stores as well as transact data, a Smart Card popularly used in various key applications that encompass banking, healthcare, transportation, and even entertainment. The reason why these are a preferable way of making a transaction is the security and the convenience it offer to consumers.

One of the significant uses of a Smart Card is like government identification. In fact, an Adhaar Card is a type of Smart Card, which can be used as an identity proof for availing of several services across the country. This unique identification or Adhaar Card allows verification of the holder’s identity across the nation. In fact, one of the main aims of providing this kind of identification to the people is to facilitate access to basic services such as banking facilities, especially to needy and deprived people.

Is Aadhar beneficial?

Being linked with biometric and demographic information, the Adhaar Card secures the holder from the risk of frauds and other illegal activities. With the universal identification offered by Adhaar Card the holder can enjoy complete authentication anywhere and anytime and in most of the cases, no other identification proof is required after procuring this unique identification number. One of the key benefits of holding an Adhaar Card is that it is a very simple way of carrying one’s identity proof around devoid of carrying a bundle of identity and address proof. Another reason why Aadhar is termed as a Smart Card or sometimes even better because it is places the power of using different services without any hurdles in the hand of the poor and needy. In fact, welfare payments can directly reach the needy with the help of Aadhar.

Taking a turn towards the urban population, an identity proof like Aadhar offers equal benefits to people other than the needy. At the time of making investments, Adhaar Card is easily accepted in the forms of photo identity. This type of Smart Card is specifically very important to those, who do not hold any valid identity proof such as PAN.

Is Aadhar an alternative of pan?

Those who already possess PAN can avail of services even without an Adhaar Card, so it cannot be called an alternative to PAN. However, the benefit of possessing a unique identification is that it enables the holder to get telephone and LPG connections without much effort while moving from one city to another. This is why many are still very positive regarding the spread and utility of such kind of Smart Card in the country. The security notion and prevention from duplicity add to the benefits of such identification.

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