Indian Discount card is a wallet sized ID card that our members use to redeem discounts at thousands of businesses. Members can search shopping websites for local and national discounts as well as exclusive offers through this discount card.

The Discount Card features 12 to 22 businesses in your town which offer discounts on products and services to cardholders in your local area or online also. In turn, fundraising with The Discount Card offers a high profit margin for your school fundraising or any organization. In addition, your school and organization can set its own selling price on any of our items, allowing you to achieve your fundraising goals.

Discount Card Benefits :

Discount Card benefit is to save the money when they spend while doing the Bill transaction / Preparing Invoice automatically Merchant will issue discount, which is agreed on his / her consent letter.

Customer benefited for this Discount Card, hence he / she got the Discount.

Through Discount Card Holders .

Merchants will be benefited through Business transactions and walk ins will be Increased.

Business Transactions will be increased as per discounts ratio .

Discount Card Company is only mediator in between Merchant and end client / Discount Card Holder. It does not operate any out let / services of its own. In order to provide a comprehensive choice of Merchants, Discount offers, prices to customers, it has tied up with many Merchant’s.

This Discount Card Concept is introduced benefit for the customers for unknowing discounts and saves when they spend so in this regard Card Holder only one concept should either bargain or Discount Card, whichever is higher, but both the things are not permitted any where.

Discount Card is trustworthiness product offering members the opportunity to get Elite flat discounts in the various categorized sectors and details available on



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